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A Spa Owner Asks, "How can I bring in new business into my spa without breaking the bank?"

Katherine Lent from Queen City Social, Retail & Digital Marketing Answered:


"Reviews and referrals will be the least expensive, have the biggest payoff and be the most satisfying. I recommend sending clients a review request that sets the stone for what you want them to say. It's nice but not terribly helpful when they just say, 'it was great'!! Here are some basic starters to write a good review.


⁃ Why you came to us for help...

⁃ How you found us...

⁃ What was good/great about working with us?

⁃ How were we able to help you?

⁃ Would you come back/recommend us to other [business owners]?


Providing the ultimate in customer experience will always be the best method to be the talk of the town. If traffic is poor or bookings are low, try doing demo events that include an 'open house' atmosphere. Serve 'spa water', offer free mini facials, hand massage, neck massage, and other little 'snack-sized bites' of your services. Do a ladies night out, mother/daughter day, bridal, prom, homecoming, the ideas are endless! I'd love to work with a spa in my area!"


In-person events are a great investment in getting 'known' and becoming the talk of your town! Book your customized in-store events marketing package to grow your reputation. Email or CLICK the PURPLE CHAT ICON below in the action bar and mention this 'SPA' post for a little something extra or to have YOUR question answered!

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