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How to recognize a GOOD idea, and test it before you invest too much time into it.

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How to recognize a GOOD idea, and test it before you invest too much time into it. 

How do you make the decision of product-format an EASY one instead of procrastinating because you don't know if you should write an ebook, host a workshop or create a video course? 
Do you sell your product BEFORE you actually create and when do you have to have it ready to go before announcing it?
How do you set your product up for sale no if you have a complicated or simple shopping cart system? What if you have no system? Get a full run-down of what to look for and how to simplify this process so you don't get stuck here!
Here's how to position yourself so that your offers actually get eyeballs on them so that you can make sales (no eyeballs = no sales)! What you will learn during this workshop is the exact same method and mindset that Angela Wills has used since 2008 to sell digital products online. That's over 10 years of proving that this WORKS. This is not fluff. This is not theory. This is a method that she has used to make hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. 


Details on the Ideas to Offers Training:

Ideas to Offers Training (Streaming Video) - Includes directory to skip through for easy working while watching and five-minute working sessions.
Ideas to Offers Workbook (PDF & Word) - instant delivery




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