How to Use Creative Technology in Your Business & Free Resources

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"How to Use Creative Technology in Your Business & Free Resources"
by Katherine Lent, Queen City Social Eastside Small Business Group - Cincinnati


July 10, 2019

How to Use Creative Technology in Your Business & Free Resources

by Katherine Lent, Queen City Social Eastside Small Business Group - Cincinnati


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Thanks so much to StudioCincy for hosting us today and it is so good to be with you all today. Let's go back to the '90s. As far as the internet goes, what was beginning to perk back then? Blogs. Blogging was a very small pool. As more and more authors and tech people grew their blogs, blogging became a source of more credible and first-hand information. Eventually to the point where it is standard practice for everyone to have a blog, from the biggest companies to everyday people. 

Blogs are now considered a source of authority and guess what? They are Googleable. There are now over 500 Million active blogs. It is a good place to be depending on your content and your audience. Who here still reads blogs regularly? Who here has a blog or your business has a blog? It is easily brought into any marketing strategy. It is a major part of the content creation offered by marketers, social media managers, copywriters, and virtual assistants and can be done by almost anyone and I always recommend taking a brief online course to become more familiar. There are great free ones too.*

Let's move into the 2000's. What was the next big thing? Youtube. We were getting our first smartphones and with a useable camera. People were reading a lot less and watching a lot more video. Although there are many Youtube channels by authoritative people and there is a lot of tutorial type content, it does not traditionally hold the same authority that blogging does. 

Massively successful YouTubers are often in the celebrity and entertainment space. There are also over 500 Million Youtube Channels. And guess what? It IS a search engine. It IS Google. It too may be a good place to be depending on your content and your audience. Who here watches Youtube videos regularly? Who here has a Youtube channel? Video is also relatively easy to do and I always recommend taking a brief online course and there are great free ones.*

What's happening now? People are even busier than ever and have cut down on their screen time in general and there is an explosion of audiobooks and podcasts because people can listen while driving, exercising or do other activities at the same time.  In addition to the mass Social Media 'company' platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, there is the wild, wild west platform of podcasting. I say wild west because although it is not a new platform, it is not an 'owned' space. 

Yes, Apple does host a huge chunk of it and because they put podcasting on the radar in the 2000s by including it in their wildly successful iTunes, the defacto for the iPod and iPhone and changed the way we listened to music. Podcasting on Apple has not really changed since then but is still the main player. Look for Spotify to make some disruptive waves there now that they have acquired Gimlet Media and Anchor. Who here listens to podcasts regularly? What about Audible? Who here has a podcast? I always recommend taking a brief online course to become more familiar. There are great free ones too.*

Podcasting is a major opportunity for any business or person. It really is the evolution of the blog. The people who are succeeding at podcasting are the everyperson. It's one of those things that big companies see the success of and they want in. They have a big marketing company or department come up with something that is usually, eh. It is because passion is the key ingredient in being a good blogger, Youtuber or podcaster. Podcasting is a small pond like blogging was in the '90s. There are less than a million active podcasts. Only 660,000.

It comes down to connection for all of these platforms and mediums. We all want to connect. We are all here right now ultimately to connect. Who doesn't love reading, hearing, seeing or meeting something or someone and resonating and relating, especially when you can also come away with gleaning something new, or seeing a new twist, a takeaway that is of some value to you?

I am mainly focusing on podcasting here today, however, Instagram is also a gamechanger for photography. Although owned by Facebook, Instagram appeals to a vastly different audience. it offers a tremendous opportunity to see and be seen. Photographers from amateur to professional have the opportunity to produce countless works of art each day. 

Multimedia is a natural extension of ourselves, whether in business, the arts or personal interest. The biggest limiters of our imaginations have been the lack of technology or the funds to get it. These are not really objections anymore.

StudioCincy is a great example of affordable, accessible tech. We don't have to research what equipment to use, buy a bunch of stuff only to not continue and sell it on eBay. We don't have to commit to something like podcasting and decide it is not for us, or the mic we paid too much for is not so good after all. 

This place excites me because as soon as I heard about it, I immediately thought of the endless possibilities for all of us in this area. I moved here from New York to a log home literally in the woods. Many of us love the country but also love tech and the arts and business. This studio removes the biggest barrier to our creativity. Access.

Now the creativity part is up to us. We need to search ourselves and see what we want to do. I'd like to take us back to when we were about 10 or 12 years old. Think about what you loved doing then - how did you most like to spend your time? Did you stay home and read, draw, play music? Did you play sports? Did you love the feeling of the wind in your hair as you sped through the streets on your bike? Did you like to cook with your grama? Did you build forts out of anything? Did you enjoy babysitting the neighborhood kids? Tinkering with the car engine, taking part the telephone? This list is endless. 

I hope tonight you will go home and allow yourself to ponder this. Look through an old photo album and look for what brought you joy. If you have a supportive person at home share it with them. If you don't, don't. Post on our Facebook group instead!

I think that we all have something of value to share. If we didn't I don't really think we'd be in this room. Real, actual networkers, all share a common thing. They love to connect and to share their value. I don't know nearly as much about something as you do and you and you, but I do know more than someone about something else. 

There is someone for everyone and there is a place for everyone. Your place might be on the interwebs, or the interwaves, or in a book, or starting or growing that business. Most of us have multiple chapters to our lives now and try many things.

Some of the big objections to starting a business or a side gig are time, space and money. StudioCincy has a dedicated, private, accessible, affordable office, meeting and workspace, even open 24 hours. Here is a photography and video studio, a podcasting studio, there are workstations with Adobe suite, private offices, meeting rooms, kitchen, and even concierge services. Joshua is always continuing to remove the barriers to let our creativity flourish.

Most of us here today offer services that work hand in hand with the kinds of things going on in this studio. We have marketers and social media managers, we have business and mindset coaches, we have photographers, videographers, graphic designers, bloggers, YouTubers, we have attorneys, independent insurance agents, financial advisors, and every manner of professional freelancer, entrepreneur, and soloprenuer. 

If you are excited to discuss some of this further, let's break into smaller groups over lunch, but first, let's see what questions you have for me, and Josh can give us a tour and see what StudioCincy offers. Before lunch let's go around and do a quick intro; just our name and business name. Be sure to meet and greet during lunch and exchange business cards. Please leave two cards, one for me and one for Josh.

If you'd be so kind as to 'Like' the Facebook pages and other social pages for StudioCincy and Queen City Social and join our QCS FB group.* If you are already in the group, please post about your experience here today, thank Josh for his hospitality and share about and recommend each other when appropriate in your circles.

You can join us every month on the second Wednesday of the month. We meet a Panera in Eastgate in front of Meijer at 1pm. We also have a Kenwood group that meets on the first Wednesday of the month and that is at 6:30 in the evening at Potbelly's in Kenwood Square, across from the Kenwood Towne Center.

There are several other networking groups represented here today. if you would, please stand and say what group you lead, where and when. The resources for things we have talked about today are available here and on Facebook. Thanks so much for being with us today!"

And remember, “Always work with/or surround yourself with people who help make you a better version of you and kindly avoid those who don't.” 

Your Hosts:
Queen City Social Eastside Small Business Group - Cincinnati
StudioCincy - Eastgate



FREE RESOURCES: Bookmark/Download the Google Doc here...

How to Use Creative Technology in Your Business & Free Resources List 


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