'THIS IS YOUR YEAR' Creating New Habits: Benefits of Getting Organized

Mar 10, 2020

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'THIS IS YOUR YEAR' Creating New Habits: Benefits of Getting Organized

The first thing we can consider when reorganizing our workspace is the feeling that you would like to experience. I want a calm, peaceful and ORGANIZED space. There are lots of benefits to being in control and developing a clutter-free lifestyle. It might seem counter-intuitive but putting effort into planning and organizing your life gives you more energy. You’re less stressed because your mind isn’t obsessing about all the stuff you have to do. When you have a plan, you’re in control and know you can get it all done. If your papers, ideas, and tasks are in order, you can see a way through. Life is no longer a chaotic mystery. So let's examine in depth some thoughts about organizing that will really make us consider organizing our space more seriously. 

    •    Less stress
When organized you are automatically less stressed, you know where your keys, wallet, important papers, planner, phone charger, and phone all are. 

    •    More time
Planning your time and keeping up-to-date means you can allocate time for everything in your life, including downtime. Being organized means, you won’t get sidetracked or panicked by not being able to find important items. You’ll be punctual and more productive. 

    •    Ready for the unexpected
You can be prepared for last-minute requests or deadlines because you’re not distracted by untidiness or the mental cloud of not being quite sure where things stand. That is true for everything from planning your child’s birthday party to that big project at work you are overseeing. 

    •    Better health
Studies have shown that being organized has demonstrable health benefits. Lower stress levels mean lower blood pressure and less body inflammation. Also, your immune system is stronger, and you’re less likely to be at risk of depression. You set up a positive feedback loop that spills over into other areas of your life. Better organization habits lead to better eating, exercise and sleep habits.

    •    Nothing feels overwhelming
Having your life running smoothly, means you’re much calmer and in a better mental position to deal with things. You can look at your to-do list without panicking because you know you can do it. You know that you can tackle the list task-by-task without feeling overwhelmed.

    •    More energy
Finally, being organized signals trust and reliability. If you are on time, follow through on your commitments and are ready for whatever comes at you, you will project an image of professionalism and responsibility. 

This week, sit down and really read these thoughts. Make a list, draw thought balloons, write in your bullet journal or use an app to explore your thoughts. I like and recommend Wunderlist, Evernote and Google Keep. If you are short on time, work in 15-minute increments. Set a timer or Pomodoro. After 15 minutes you'll be like, "What? It's been 15 minutes already!? I can go another 15!" There is a sign to download and post in your workspace to inspire you. Come back for the next post when you are ready to proceed and comment in the Facebook Group. ~ See you in the next post!  (Original Challenge post)




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