Dec 25, 2019

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'This Is Your Year' • Creating New Habits with Queen City Social by Katherine Lent 

Hi! I am doing the 'This Is Your Year' • Creating New Habits Blog this year because I think this is my year. I am trying to create new and beneficial habits, such as blogging, having a morning routine, a little movement and just be more present and less sluggish.

I have studied many schools of thought about how to be successful and they all have one thing in common, consistency. So what is the one thing I lack the most? Yeah, consistency. What about you? 

Do you vlog/blog, journal or podcast, etc.? Do you have a morning routine? Do you exercise or do a little movement? Let's hear about it! And follow along every Tuesday for a new post and 'Create New Habits' with me! Get it delivered right to your inbox so we can do this together. Participate in the Facebook Group for accountability and support, challenges and downloads



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