'THIS IS YOUR YEAR'  Creating New Habits: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Share Your Gifts

Apr 13, 2020

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Yesterday I shared this quote and made this graphic to share around. Here is the article from which it came. 'Your Special Gift' by Madisyn Taylor on The Daily OM.

"Often, we spend so much time dazzled by the talents of others that we can overlook our own gifts...

It's important for all of us to try to find our special gift and discover how we can best express it. Ask others to name what they think is your most overlooked talent or character trait. Their answers may change your life...

Explore these riches that are yours to express, and you may find yourself helping others discover and develop their own blessings. Acknowledge and appreciate the gifts you see in those around you."

This really jumped out at me. It is completely true for me. It is the first step in my 'imposter syndrome'. Do you get that too? I have heard that there are many super successful people who suffer from this constantly too, but they somehow manage to persevere. I suppose if I had people reinforcing that I was particularly good at something then it wouldn't get to me as much. However, I am not a professionally successful person so have to figure out another way to not feel so inadequate at times. What do you do to curb that horrible feeling?

In the article, it talks about how we might feel that we have some traits that are negatives, but those are really our positives. They are probably the things that we were told not to do as children! For example, I get intense and (what I think is) obnoxious when I am excited. As an adult that doesn't look so good! So I have to tone it down. What if instead, I improved upon that somehow. Perhaps that would become a good trait and even be known as that! hhmmm... cool!

What things were you told to tone down or to stop doing? What are you 'know' for, or as, today?

Let's have fun here and share what we see in each other. As it says in the article, "Ask others to name what they think is your most overlooked talent or character trait. Their answers may change your life..."

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