'THIS IS YOUR YEAR'  Creating New Habits: Information Overload

Mar 30, 2020

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'THIS IS YOUR YEAR'  Creating New Habits: Information Overload

The Power of Too Much Information Building a Business


You may find it interesting that in the SECRET HISTORY OF THE FUTURE Podcast by Slate and the Economist's Tom Standage And Seth Stevenson episode #10 The Infinite Scroll they talk about how our distant ancestors often felt overloaded by information. Throughout history, we’ve invented shortcuts like tables of contents, indexes, book reviews, and encyclopedias to cope with the 'onslaught' of books being published in the 15, 16 and 17th centuries. They were also overwhelmed. We are not so unique. What technological solutions help you cope with the information overload you experience today?

Are you Feeling Too Much Stress? 

One of the main symptoms of information overload is to feel stress. Some people say it feels like their brain is being so bombarded by information that as information goes in one side, it’s coming out the other. Stress keeps you from being focused and makes you worry that you don't have enough information to move forward in your business.

What is your Filtering Process? 

When too much information is transmitted, the person receiving it often shuts off in a way. Normally the filtering process categorizes information as important or not important, but when there is too much there is often improper filtering called twigging. This essentially means that everything is general and all information is the same. To grow your business, you need to understand which information is crucial to you and what you can leave by the wayside. If you find yourself filtering it all out, you might be suffering from information overload.

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