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'THIS IS YOUR YEAR' Creating New Habits: Staying Organized

Mar 12, 2019

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'THIS IS YOUR YEAR' Creating New Habits: Staying Organized


There are so many books and kindle, apps, and blogs, even TV shows that will help you stay in control of your life. Here are a few of my most recommended.

What are you using this year?


The Queen of organization and decluttering, Marie Kondon, inventor of the KonMari method, has books to help you stay on top of your tidying. You can also binge watch her on Netflix or read her Blog.



How To Get Your Shit Together                                                                                                                                                                                                     Helps working women live a simple, organized life so they can focus on what matters most to them.   Winner of the 2017 Irish Blog Awards. Find her on Facebook, YouTube, etc. @HowToGYST


Organize 365

Organize 365 helps busy women finally get their home and paper organized in one year with functional organizing systems that work. Enter the orbit of Lisa Woodruff @Organize365, Facebook and web. Check out her kindle book, Organize365 on Amazon.



Planners are even more popular than ever! Bullet Journals and Happy Planners. I got the Happy Planner for the first time this year. 

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