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'THIS IS YOUR YEAR' Creating New Habits: Week 2 Set the Mood CHALLENGE

Feb 09, 2019

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BLOG - 'THIS IS YOUR YEAR' Creating New Habits: Week 2 Set the Mood Challenge

Is your environment a disaster? See the previous post about how your environment impacts your mood and what you can to do change it. 
How do you get anything done? What kind of mood are you in? My environment REALLY affects my mood and ability to think. As you can see, my shared office is a nightmare. So, I am posting this challenge as much for me as for you! 

Be brave and post your BEFORE picture of your workspace even if it is worse than mine. Post it in the Facebook Group Last Week you reimagined your workspace and hopefully had a really nice dream about it. Next, today, make a vision board about your office. I don't mean like a decorator design board. I am talking about feelings. How do you want to FEEL in your new space? This will be a custom-designed space, just for you and we will all help. 

Your vision board can be an actual board, a piece of paper or a document. Place images from Google images, free stock photos sites, (I love those artistic, serene flat lays!), magazines or anywhere, and/or, write. Yes, write the FEELINGS that you wish to experience within the new space. Use images that represent what your space would feel like to be in. Add specific design elements if you wish also. You can add other elements of your life if you wish too. On my regular vision board (below), I have things like better marriage, enjoyable prosperous business, and TIDY house. Let's upload our vision boards to the Facebook Group. Come back for the next post when you are ready to proceed. ~ See you in the next post! (Original Post)

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