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Companion walking is great for getting active without the intensity or cost of a personal training session. 

Gentle Walking is great for recovering, chronic pain sufferers and going from sedentary to walking.


We hope to help people start groups around Cincinnati. Find out how you can get started. For questions about People Walkers of Cincinnati, or to book your walk, or join a group walk, send a message on Facebook Messenger on our Facebook Page.

People Walkers of Cincinnati is part of Queen City, by Telemedia Technologies, Inc., serving Cincinnati OH. People Walkers of Cincinnati is similar to The People Walker in the Los Angeles area. ‘People Walkers of Cincinnati’ companion walking started for a variety of reasons. People with health concerns may not want to be alone while walking. 

Companion Walking Provides:                                             

   •  Exercise
   •  Accountability
   •  Safety
   •  Affordability
   •  Consistency
   •  Community
   •  Companionship

The Cincinnati Eastside Group walks in two Clermont County parks, Pattison Park and Sycamore Park in Batavia. Both are beautiful parks perfect for short walks. One mile averages twenty minutes; fifteen for brisk walks and thirty for more leisurely walks. The current rate is five dollars per mile and the average walk is 2.5 miles, about $12.50.   

Free Group Walks begin in March 2019 on Mondays, 1pm at Pattison Park, in Batavia.

The Eastside Group leader has had a full knee replacement and knows how difficult it can be to get motivated to go for a walk when you are feeling stiff and sore. “While I am grateful to be able to walk and drive again, honestly, the last thing I want to do is go for a walk. I need a walking accountability partner that is close by and doesn’t cost a lot. That is why I started a group in my neighborhood. You can too - ask me how!~ KL


People Walkers of CincinnatiPeople Walkers of Cincinnati


Pattison Park Walking Course

We will meet on the South side of Rte 50 at the Pattison Park Walking Course




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Learn about the People Walker and meaningful human connections!

Learn about the People Walker and

meaningful human connections!



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