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Queen City Social is a boutique marketing agency specializing in social media and retail merchandising. We help business owners like you create exceptional customer experience and loyalty. 


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You want to connect with your customers and clients. Making that connection is the Holy Grail. As human beings, we all long for connection in whatever endeavor or activity we pursue. This is true in our sales also. 

  • We want to purchase from someone that we can respect.
  • We want to hire someone that we can trust.
  • We want to have, and to be customers that we can admire.

I want to connect with you too. I want to develop a relationship with you as you develop a relationship with your clients. We're not all just clicks. No one wants to be just a 'like'. Getting to know people and understanding what makes each other tick is fascinating, and creates a path for tolerance, understanding, and admiration. Establish a connection and you have a mutually beneficial and prosperous story to share. 

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Check out Alignable. It is a new way for local small businesses to connect with other local small businesses right here in Cincinnati.