I love technology that fosters human connection. Connection is what it's all about.  I love the virtues of Facebook and Social Media in general. There is now a trio of apps, when combined become a social media 'power tool'! FacebookLive is a feature of Facebook where the admin or owner of a page or group can provide a live stream video for their audience and it is saved and can be repurposed. (More on that later!) Facebook Live alone can be used very effectively and has basic features and there is no cost involved. Perfect for a personal, family, hobby or interest page or group that is not for business purposes.

For some more 'pro' features, BeliveTV is a third party app that 'supercharges' your live stream. Read more about that hereManyChat is a chat 'bot' that automatically runs things for you like a full-time receptionist. That might sound a little 'robotic', but it really has the exact opposite effect! It fosters connection, communication and actually makes people feel, even 'special'! Your bot is an envoy that communicates on your behalf. Check out the use of bots, and learn about the world of Messenger Marketing.

So, why even 'go live' to begin with? Many reasons. Here are a few. As mentioned above, it's perfect for a personal, family, hobby or interest page or group that is not for business purposes. You can present it like a 'show' format. You can have guests and interview, and stream events, like a birthday party Grandma can't go to a family wedding, recital, or ANYTHING! Youtube and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Podcasting all have different overall audiences. Go where your audience would be. If it is not on Facebook, learn about the video feature of your desired platform. All of these are new and bludgeoning, so follow those who are a step ahead of you!

For business, there are many ways to use live streaming. Obviously for selling something, but more for informing and supporting your audience. This is an opportunity to do sales in a new way. No one like to be sold to. People want to be informed and to connect. Another use is to be an easy alternative to complicated and expensive webinar or conferencing software. Private groups can be created to conduct team training, product rollouts or whatever for your internal communication. Great for interviews too!

A great feature is that it is not only 'live'. The videos are saved and you can use them again even in different ways. You can put it on Youtube, you can take the audio and put is on a podcast, use snippets in an email blast, blog posts, Facebook and other platform posts and in your bot, and much more! Check out Repurpose.io to learn all about repurposing your content. 

There is so much more I can't get to here, but there are communities for live streamers. Check out Live Video Hub on Facebook to be welcomed and nurtured! Lastly, there is an interesting thing about live streaming besides the 'one-to-many' and the 'human connection and interaction', there is this 'come-as-you-are' feel to live streaming as opposed to a recorded video. Forget your hair and makeup, no fancy equipment needed. Be yourself is the vibe and that is what is so appealing!

Check out the links I mentioned above to learn all the details. If you would like some guidance in setting all of this up for your business, please contact me for help!   




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