You need more than just a website...

or community adverts, coupons, Facebook, newsletters, or pay-per-click. You need more than just a free download checklist of tactics. 

You need an effective marketing strategy designed to engage and convert visitors into qualified prospects who are ready to buy. That's what I help my clients to do.


When you use a holistic marketing strategy that expresses the essence of YOU & what you do for your customers, you'll increase traffic, conversion, authority, loyalty, and revenue.

Are you ready to build more than just a website? Build a better business!

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  LOCAL & SOCIAL                                            MORE COMPLETE


A local & social designed strategy combines locally-focused online social engagement mixed with retail merchandising (if applicable), in-person local events and community activities with a Human to Human (H2H) touch.

What is a holistic marketing or multi-faceted marketing, and how does it help your small business or start-up? How will these programs help you to establish and achieve your goals?  “A marketing strategy that is developed by thinking about the business as a whole..." ~ Business Dictionary.

Combined with traditional methods like networking, this might be the right mix for you. If you have tried other marketing methods or business practices that just weren't the right fit for you, the 'LOCAL' & 'SOCIAL' method can start up, boost, makeover or scale your business. Skilled designers and techs are great and necessary, but they don't combine all of the elements of marketing that may be right for you. They do one thing - really well - but just one thing. Combining different elements and mediums create a customized strategy that is unique to you. 





  THE BIGGER PICTURE                                DONE - WITH - YOU


A marketing strategy that is developed by thinking about the business as a whole is a 'holistic' strategy. Let's look at your marketing in this holistic way. Blended activities can be done again and again for long-lasting use. The elements can be repurposed in many ways for even more value. 

We'll work together on Done-With-You programs. You'll receive guidance and direction, and expediency in getting things done, plus you're a part of the process. You'll learn what things you'll want to do yourself, and what you want to leave for someone else!

We work collaboratively on Creative and Local and Social Campaigns. Custom designed strategies incorporate marketing elements that are appropriate for your field or specific niché and make you the 'go-to' expert. By combining different mediums, you will have a customized strategy that is unique to you, your value proposition and your voice. AND you can repurpose the tactics for continuous, ongoing value. 



Attract and Connect

As part of your new strategy, we may create in-person events

and promotions or participate in local community events,

if appropriate. Online presence and social are blended with local.

Utilize local and social to connect with customers, clients,

competitors and colleagues in your niché.



Become the 'Go-To' Expert

It's time to upgrade your business's marketing with one of the


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Learn more about holistic marketing and creative campaigns:


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Complimentary Marketing & Social Review

Marketing is an investment in your business's future and the best way to attract the clients and

customers that you want to do business with. Ultimately, it is a big win for you and your clients.


I am going to ask you a few quick questions so that I can research and put together an assessment

and road map that is completely customized for you. There is no charge for this service and you

are not obliged to use me for any future services. Just think of it as a friend doing a favor for a friend. 


Of course, I do offer a more extensive audit as part of my marketing makeover programs, and

I provide or arrange for all sorts of marketing services, and you can always inquire about doing a project

together or ongoing services at a later time. But for today, this is all at no cost to you! Let's get started!



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