I love technology that fosters human connection. Connection is what it's all about.  I love the virtues of Facebook Messenger and messaging in general. There is new combo of apps, when combined, becomes a social media 'powertool'! Facebook Messenger is a feature of Facebook where users can message each other and includes SMS texting on mobile also. Facebook Messenger alone can be used very effectively, has basic features and there is no cost involved. Perfect for a personal, family, hobby or interest page or group or for business purposes.

For some more 'pro' features, ManyChat is a third party app that 'supercharges' your Messenger. ManyChat is a chat 'bot' that automatically runs things for you, turning your Facebook Messenger into a full-time receptionist. That might sound a little 'robotic', but it really has the exact opposite effect! It fosters connection, communication and actually makes people feel, even 'special'! Your bot is an envoy that communicates on your behalf. Check out the usefulness of bots, and learn about the world of Messenger Marketing.

For business, there are many ways to use Bots. Obviously for selling, booking appointments, and customer service, but for informing and supporting your audience. This is the opportunity to do it in a new way. No one like to be sold to. People want to be informed and to connect. Check out the links I mentioned above to learn all the details. If you would like some guidance in setting all of this up for your business, please contact me for help!   




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